We see homeowners switching from a high-efficiency gas furnace to a heat pump for the main reason of how it cuts down the cost of the electricity bill. Rather than creating heat with a flame, using gas, or through electric resistance, heat pumps operate usually two to three times more efficiently than a furnace today, making electricity bills significantly lower. Less energy is used by heat pumps because while a typical furnace may use a 1650 C flame to supply 51 degree Celsius air, the same outcome can be achieved by a heat pump using much lower temperatures. This, in turn, makes a heat pump much more efficient leaving you with an electricity bill you won’t be scared to open when it comes in the mail. 

Natural gas may be cheaper than electricity, but carbon taxation makes operating a gas furnace cost more than a heat pump. Homeowners are often confused about this, as natural gas is a fossil fuel source, but the amount of money you’ll save in the long run when you switch a furnace with a heat pump will be worth it, as the cost of running a heat pump is similar to that of a furnace without the addition of carbon tax. 

The amount of energy used by an aging furnace is another big factor to consider when thinking about switching to a heat pump. The blower fan’s power is responsible for pushing the air where it needs to go through the home’s ductwork. Single-stage air handlers with fixed output capacity that was mentioned earlier uses excess power and pushes more than the required air. Most of the heat pumps available today come with electrically commutated motors, or ECM motors as they are more commonly known. Great reductions in electrical usage is achieved through the tiny microprocessor that controls the speed of the motor. 

Many homeowners have been concerned with the fact that they heard that heat pumps are really expensive, but there are a lot of ways to help you cover the cost. In fact, it is often cheaper to have a heat pump installed than to replace your current furnace that has been aging. Current government rebates and grants programs can be laid out for you by an Energy Werx Energy advisor, including the Canada Greener Homes Grant. The advisor can detail the grants that are locally specific to you and ensure that you apply for the maximum funding available when you decide to update the mechanical systems in your home.

The money you can save long term by changing from a furnace to a heat pump is quite significant. Your electricity will be lowered, allowing you to spend the money you would’ve spent on your bill for a furnace on something you’ve always wanted to buy for yourself or your family. Want to learn about more reasons to switch to a heat pump? Check out our latest article, 3 Reasons You Should be Replacing Your Furnace with a Heat Pump.