The biggest source of operational carbon in your home is reduced when switching from a furnace to a heat pump. Take advantage of Canada’s clean power grid and help reduce the country’s greenhouse gas emissions footprint by electrifying your equipment for heating and cooling your home. When listing the largest sources of greenhouse gas emissions in Canada in 2019, buildings were third behind gas and transport. Three-quarters of that number in residential buildings is made up of space and water heating. Simply put, heat pumps energy in a significantly less capacity than any other option available for residential use. 

Reducing the electrical usage in your home has become increasingly important when it comes to heating and cooling systems as building codes are moving towards making every home capable of producing as much power as they consume throughout the year. There’s no doubt that climate change has changed and transformed the world we live in and anything we can do as homeowners to lower our greenhouse gas emissions footprint is very important when upgrading the heating and cooling systems in our homes. Making your home greener is something we all strive for when searching for the right upgrades throughout our home, and many upgrades can be more attainable through grants and rebate programs. 

There are several reasons that we recommend homeowners make the switch to a heat pump. There are endless benefits to heat pumps once the upgrades from a furnace are made to the home, whether it be performance and comfort-based or benefits for the environment and making your home more energy-efficient. Using less energy and cutting down greenhouse gas emissions helps your environmental footprint and the comfort level throughout your home is equal through the year. 

Every year, heat pumps are quickly becoming a reliable heating and cooling option in a growing number of climate zones due to their rapidly evolving technology. Having an experienced contractor with a raving reputation is recommended. This will ensure the installation is completed correctly and the system is functioning properly while offering maintenance regularly for several years after installation. An Energy Advisor from EnergyWerx BC can go over each system with you, their pros and cons, and how they relate to your home. The knowledgeable and friendly advisor will also enable you to take advantage of any currently offered rebates. 

Heat pumps make your home more environmentally friendly and let you help lower Canada’s greenhouse gas emissions by upgrading from a furnace. The lower amount of energy used from the heat pump, compared to a furnace will be better for the environment as well bring your home to the exact temperature desired regardless of the season. If you would like other reasons to switch from a furnace to a heat pump, be sure to check out our latest article, 3 Reasons You Should be Replacing Your Furnace with a Heat Pump.