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If you live in British Columbia, and want to be more energy efficient, save money and reduce the stress of costly electric, gas and British Columbia hydro bills, Energy Werx and our energy advisors are here for you. You may qualify for certain energy rebates without even knowing it, and if you hire us, we can find them for you. In 2017, The B.C. Government started an incentive program that residents can qualify for rebates if effort is made to make their homes more energy efficient. Semi-detached, raw or mobile homes all qualify for these rebates. If you think your home qualifies, we can help you find out.

If you contact us, an energy auditor can conduct a home energy audit to determine which of the many audits you may qualify for. We will also suggest some energy efficient projects you can try after the audit is done. The methods we use to find rebates include (but are not limited to): infrared cameras, checks for air leaks and blower door tests. After the initial tests, our auditors will provide a follow up energy evaluation test.

All homes evaluated will receive a variety of energy efficient upgrades. This can include insulation upgrades, air sealing improvements, window, door and/or skylight replacements and furnace or boiler replacements, just to name a few. The goal of Energy Werx is to help create an increasingly energy efficient British Columbia, and we will start that process by making an environmentally friendly lifestyle and home improvements more affordable for residents of the province.

British Columbia

British Columbia is the westernmost province in Canada, sitting between the Pacific Ocean and the Rocky Mountains. It is the third most populated province in Canada. Its best known cities are its capital Victoria and Vancouver, which is the third largest metropolitan area in Canada and largest in the western side of the country. The economy of BC primarily comes from forestry, mining, cinematography and tourism.

For more information about Energy Werx, feel free to contact us and let us know how we can help. We are available in all cities in British Columbia.

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