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Today, home energy evaluations are becoming more and more popular among Canadian homeowners. And for good reason too! A home energy evaluation is the best way to find out how energy efficient your home is and what you can do to improve it.

At Energy Werx BC, we are proud to offer home energy evaluations to our clients in Victoria, BC. We believe that every homeowner deserves to know how they can save money on their energy bills and make their home more comfortable at the same time.

During a home energy evaluation, one of our qualified energy advisors will come to your home and conduct a thorough inspection. They will look at everything from your insulation and windows to your heating and cooling systems. They will also take into account your family’s unique needs when it comes to energy use.

After the home energy evaluation is complete, you will receive a detailed report outlining all of the findings. Our energy advisors will go over the report with you and answer any questions you may have. They will also provide you with a list of recommendations on how to improve your home’s energy efficiency.

Meet Your Renovation Energy Upgrade Requirements

Energy requirements for home renovations have changed in Victoria, and if you’re planning any project, you’ll need to factor these into your plans. An EnerGuide home evaluation will help you understand your home’s energy usage and determine what energy-saving improvements can be made.

Energy efficiency housing initiatives can be complex, and today’s energy models are constantly being refined and updated. It can be noted that the building code is also changing to require more energy efficiency in new builds and renovations. A home evaluation will provide you with an unbiased, professional assessment of your home’s energy usage and the necessary recommendations to improve it.

Furthermore, energy efficiency improvement rebates and tax credits are available in Vancouver, and an energy audit can help you take advantage of these programs. Additionally, an energy simulation program can also be use to help you assess the financial impact of making energy efficiency improvements in your home.

Energy Werx offers comprehensive energy evaluations to answer all your questions and provide helpful project tips to make the best choices for your home renovation. Additional energy upgrades may be required to meet the City of Vancouver’s new energy efficiency requirements for home renovations


Contact us today to book your home energy evaluation! We provide competitive prices and convenient financing options to make it easy for you to get the energy audit your home needs. You may be surprised at the amount of money you can save by making a few simple changes – let Energy Werx BC show you how easy it is!

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The Best Neighbourhoods in Victoria, British Columbia

There are many places to stay in Victoria, BC, and each has its own unique character. If you are planning a vacation in British Columbia, you may want to stay in one of these neighbourhoods.

From the upscale Oak Bay to the iconic Downtown, there’s a neighbourhood to suit every taste and lifestyle. For those looking for a family neighbourhood, you might want to consider Fernwood or Gordon Head. Each has something to offer, whether it’s a beautiful waterfront property or a unique blend of culture and lifestyles.

The quaint, old-fashioned streets of Fernwood are a popular spot for residents, especially young families, and creative professionals. The neighborhood is lined with unique shops selling handicrafts and imported Italian food and wine. Walking along the streets of this neighbourhood is a leisurely experience that is both comfortable and convenient. There are many great beaches within a short drive, but don’t miss the opportunity to visit the nearby Victoria West, a former industrial area that is now one of the trendiest neighborhoods in town.

The city of Victoria, BC is home to more than 90,000 residents. Its flourishing technology industry is a major draw for both retirees and international students. Victoria has numerous neighbourhoods to suit every personality. The map below shows some of the most desirable neighbourhoods in Victoria, BC. The neighbourhoods in Victoria have been ranked based on their Livability Scores. In addition, there are sections devoted to certain price ranges or the general culture of the area.

Prospect Lake, on the other hand, is a charming and established neighborhood. A nine-hole golf course and a 3.5-kilometer walking trail surround this area. There are several schools nearby, including two elementary schools and a junior high school. The city is made up of neighborhoods, each with a distinct character. Whether you’re looking for a quiet neighborhood or a bustling hub for activity, there is something for everyone in Victoria.

The city of Victoria is the capital of British Columbia and is the largest municipality on Vancouver Island. Victoria has a Mediterranean-like climate, making it one of Canada’s most livable cities. This favourable climate makes it a popular place to live and retire and is an important factor in attracting retirees. Aside from the natural beauty of the region, Victoria is also home to the thriving technology sector.

Attractions in Victoria

  • Legislative Assembly of British Columbia
  • Empress Hotel
  • Christ Church Cathedral
  • Royal British Columbia Museum
  • Maritime Museum of British Columbia
  • Emily Carr House
  • Victoria Bug Zoo
  • Market Square
  • Art Gallery of Greater Victoria
  • Craigdarroch Castle
  • Government House