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If you are a homeowner in Salt Spring Island and want to increase energy efficiency, improve sustainability and reduce stressful and expensive electric, gas and British Columbia hydro bills, Energy Werx and our expert energy advisors are here for you. If you hire us, we can find energy rebates that you may not even be aware of. The BC government has been giving energy rebates to BC homeowners through an incentive program as of 2017. If effort is made on the part of homeowners to make their homes more energy efficient, they can qualify for those rebates. This includes semi-detached, raw or mobile homes as well. Our energy advisors can inspect your home and confirm which rebates you qualify for. Energy Werx can also provide upgrades, ratings, findings and service to your home. 

After contacting us, an energy auditor will conduct a home energy evaluation and audit. With Canada EnerGuide energy evaluations as our source, our auditor will inform you which of the many possible audits you can qualify for. After the efficiency energy audit is done, we can also offer you an efficiency advice guide. Our skilled auditors have many methods to find rebates for you. These include (but are not limited to): infrared cameras, checks for air leaks and blower door tests. Once the first round of assessments is done, we will provide a follow up energy evaluation test. We will also remain available to you for any home evaluations questions.

Homes evaluated by our auditors will also receive numerous EnerGuide approved energy efficient resources. These resources can include insulation upgrades, air sealing improvements, window, door and/or skylight replacements, furnace or boiler replacements and many more. Our goal at Energy Werx is to help create a British Columbia with increased energy efficiency and sustainability. Our plan starts with making home improvements and an environmentally friendly lifestyle more affordable and attainable for BC homeowners.

Salt Spring Island

Salt Spring Island is one of the Gulf Islands in the Sailish Sea, located between British Columbia and Vancouver Island. Named after the salt springs in the northern part of the island, it was the first agricultural settlement in the Colony of Vancouver Island. Salt Spring Island remains the most populated and most visited of the Southern Gulf Islands.   

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