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If you’re a homeowner in Kelowna (semi-detached or mobile homeowners included) looking to increase energy efficiency and sustainability in your home, while also reducing the costs of expensive electric, gas and British Columbia hydro bills, Energy Werx and our energy advisors are here for you. There are many energy rebates your home may be entitled to without you even knowing. We can find those rebates for you so they won’t go to waste. In 2017, The B.C. Government started an incentive program to make the province more energy efficient. provides rebate services for BC residents. If you are a BC homeowner that shows effort to make your home more energy efficient, the government will provide you with rebates. If you are unsure about your home qualifying, Energy Werx can confirm it for you. We can also provide upgrades, ratings, findings and service to your home. 

Once you have reached out to us, we will send an energy auditor to conduct a home energy evaluation and audit for your home. Using Canada EnerGuide energy evaluations as our source, the auditor will find which of the many audits you can receive. Our job doesn’t end there, however. we also provide all our customers with an efficiency advice guide that will suggest home projects you can try after completion of the efficiency energy audit. There are many ways Energy Werx can find rebates for you. These include (but are not limited to): infrared cameras, checks for air leaks and blower door tests. After the initial assessments, we will be available to at all times to answer any home evaluations questions you may have. Our auditors will also provide a follow up energy evaluation test.

If your home is evaluated under this program, you will receive EnerGuide energy efficient resources and upgrades. Upgrades can include insulation upgrades, air sealing improvements, window, door and/or skylight replacements, furnace or boiler replacements and many more. Our goal at Energy Werx is to increase energy efficiency and sustainability for British Columbia homeowners, and we accomplish this by helping to make an environmentally friendly lifestyle more affordable.


Kelowna is the third largest metropolitan area in British Columbia, after Vancouver and Victoria. While the city once expanded into surrounding mountain slopes, Kelowna’s city council later decided to focus more on density. This has led to the construction of taller buildings in the city, including a 42-storey tower which is planned to become one of the largest in BC. Kelowna also has one of the fastest growing populations in Canada.   

For more information about Energy Werx, feel free to contact us and let us know how we can help. We are available in all cities in British Columbia.

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